These sessions have transformed my life! Sam (MJ) is amazing! She has found things that were going on with me energetically that were greatly impacting my life in a debilitating way. I have such a feeling of well-being now. So much happier. I highly, highly recommend her. She’s the best! Much gratitude for changing my life. 🙏🏻

-Jennifer Huey



Wow, I just cannot believe the transformation!! The things that used to ruffle my feathers I really just let roll off or take little notice of. My OCD habits have pretty much left and I am thinking so clearly, able to make quick decisions. I also no longer anticipate or imagine the worst possible scenario in a situation. These sessions have truly freed me from my past thoughts and insecurities. I look forward to each day, feels so calming. Thank you. ♥️

-Sandy M.


Life changing!

These sessions have been life changing for me.  Releasing and healing all aspects of my life, so many I was not even aware existed within. I feel so much peace and so positive!

Janice Whitley



Sam (MJ) provides an awesome service. Plus she is compassionate and professional. I am  feeling better and better after each session with her. I would invite everyone to try it!

-Susan Giessler 


Feeling better!

Earlier today you did a release for my head cold and asked me to check in with you later. I am amazed at how much better I feel in just 8 hours! My nasal congestion has decreased by like 50% and no more sneezing or dripping. The most noticeable difference is my energy level. I felt well enough to get a lot done today and be able to think clearly for which I am thankful because I work from home and business doesn't stop for sickness. Thank you SO much! I am immensely grateful for you and thankful you are willing to share your amazing gifts of healing. 

Heidi Cooke


Thank you!

Two sessions in and I haven’t had the need to take any over the counter allergy meds and that weird pain in my upper right arm has disappeared. Looking forward to my next session. Thank you for your service and love. 

Pam Faile 


Help for my dog

 After your session yesterday I noticed an immediate difference. In the morning she was very erratic and unfocused and afterward she was much calmer. I could tell we were more connected and she was much more snuggly and loving. I really can't thank you enough for what you are doing for us.

-Heidi Cooke


Highly recommend!

I've had the most impactful session with MJ that has cleared so much pain for me. I highly recommend this gifted soul. She is definitely a conduit of Source Energy. 💙💜💛

-Narressa Stout,


Helped me heal

I have had several sessions with MJ and they have been integral in my healing journey,  helping me to heal and clear on deep levels. I can’t recommend her enough, thank you MJ for all the work you are doing.

-Elizabeth Bierman,


Happy baby!

My son Jack had a long difficult journey into this world causing a lot of emotional distress as a newborn and he would cry for hours day after day. MJ helped released these trapped emotions of fear and abandonment after a couple sessions. We saw huge improvements in his mood and anxiety. He became the happy calm baby we knew he deserved to be. Recently we have used MJ to help clear out issues with milk allergies and poor immune system which has been very successful! We are no longer visiting the doctor every month and his body can tolerate his formula.

-Danica Schlub,



Relief of neck pain and better mobility. Thanks MJ.

-Leigh Austin,