✨Energy Clearing Session✨

✨Aura PTL II Cold Laser Therapy✨

✨Aura PTL II Cold Laser Therapy✨

A Keys to Freedom Energy Clearing Session is an easy and powerful way to locate and release energetic imbalances in the body, spirit and mind. These imbalances can cause discomfort in a variety of ways and can be a burden on the immune system in general.  Using a custom-made energy deck, kinesiology, and a pendulum, MJ works to identify and release these energetic imbalances. 

What are some imbalances The Keys to Freedom checks for?

🔑 Chakras

🔑 Stuck Emotional Energy

🔑 Confidence, Success & Happiness blocks

🔑 Aura Imbalances

🔑 Energy Cords

🔑 Spirit Attachments

...and much much more! If something is energetically off balance, these sessions will catch it. 

At a cost of only $22 per session, you shouldn’t miss out!



✨Aura PTL II Cold Laser Therapy✨

✨Aura PTL II Cold Laser Therapy✨

✨Aura PTL II Cold Laser Therapy✨

*$40 per session (times vary)

Low Level Laser therapy, when applied to different body parts, carries frequencies to the body cells that communicate with the body. It targets the stress inducing substances and causes the release of natural chemicals that facilitates rehabilitation of the body system. Aura PTL II Therapy Laser System is a major technology in this field that works as a hand held portable system to help relieve pains and nerve related issues. It can address the pain from many issues including pain from rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, surgery and other injuries including all body parts. Additionally, it can also facilitate the acceleration of the healing of different kinds of wounds.