But how?


How do long distance/remote sessions work?

Albert Einstein worked with what would be known as “Quantum Mechanics” (Also called Quantum Physics) and now modern scientists are still exploring this wondrous concept. One of the laws states that the same energy (electrons and atoms) can exist in two places. It’s by using this same concept that Japanese Reiki Masters began connecting to their clients to ease their pain despite distance. Today, it is used by Reiki and Emotion Code Practitioners and many others. 

Another way I like to explain how this works is by thinking of prayer. The person you pray for does not have to be next to you because The Creator’s healing reaches anywhere it needs to be. In this same way, I work with The Creator/The Source of love and Archangels to make an energetic connection to my clients. Once established, I use kinesiology/muscle testing and a pendulum to locate and release energetic imbalances such as stuck emotions, negative energy in the aura, confidence blocks etc. 

Each day I work through a list of scheduled clients, using my intuition to know which one needs help first. I also homeschool my kids and take care of my elderly mother, so when I get spare moments throughout the day, I sit down and do a session. This works very well for me, as I am able to get through 6-7 sessions a day before needing to rest. When I'm done with a session, I take a screen shot of the notes and send them to the client along with a link to an index for a description of each imbalance removed.